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Patriots Time to Come to the Aid of USA!

Citizen Candidates Needed USA WAKE UP NOW & GET READY 4 2022

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The real problem with Voting in AZ & other states is Non Citizens Registering to Vote using the Federal Registration Form which requires no Proof of Citizenship or Residence, as they can only vote in Federal Elections so State Laws don’t apply, look closely at the # ‘s in AZ and you’ll see the difference between the President & Corp. Comm. both Statewide Races, in AZ the Libertarians voted 4 a Presidential Candidate and seemed to vote 4 Kelly, the GOP as far as I know didn’t reach out to Libertarians, and their Candidate stated she’d be happy being a spoiler to defeat Trump.

Numbers Don’t Lie; Biden 1,671,491 vs. Trump’s 1,661,475= + Biden 10,016Libertarian 51,445 just gaining 20% = 10,289, so why didn’t the GOP target Libertarians who Hate Socialism?AZ’s Corp. Comm. Statewide added top Dem & GOP Vote Getters, GOP Peterson 1,449,834 vs. Dem Tovar 1,449,776= + Peterson 58, but the total Votes 4 Pres. vs. Corp. Comm. are 3,332,966 – 2,899,610 = – 433,356 this is a rather large # considering the Dems were pushing the New Green Energy Deal and remember these are the two front runners in both parties and there were no Libertarians on the Ballot so they could have voted for either and still fewer votes cast for them, even though both Statewide races with two Ladies at the top of each ticket, I do believe this had to do with Voter Registration, although hard to prove waiting for someone to show me why this isn’t possible.

The AZ GOP usually gets about 25% of the Libertarian vote when we work for it, so there’s our problem in AZ we had 433,356 fewer votes for Corp. Comm. than Pres. both Statewide races, this can be accounted for by some who only vote 4 Pres. but also using Federal Registration Form prevents them from voting for state & local candidates, plus the U.S. House Dems got 42,801 fewer votes than Biden so Libertarians possibly didn’t cross over for them just looking at the #’s, and for me #’s don’t lie, we only lost 24,000 votes from Trump to McSally so that could be GOP or Ind. voters but either way we lost a seat and now we must work hard to find a Candidate for 22, and that should have started on Nov 4th.

I believe Kelly’s record on 2nd Amendment should have been used at least as much as his China connection but wasn’t just think if we’d have used it might flipped enough votes to McSally as most know how important our 2nd Amendment is even to gun owning Dems, I believe this would have changed the outcome or at the very least made it a much closer race, but do believe there was Voter Fraud in the system because of No Proof Required on the Federal Form and the Dems registered New Voters in AZ using the Federal Form, and of course the Libertarian Voters, this trick was used in other states like in Nv. Tx. Fl. etc. with many Illegals registering as all they had to do is sign it even though their names might not have been what they signed as once again No Proof Required to File and don’t believe Dems are above Cheating as this Election I believe has Proven to most.

The Socialist Dems want to Regain Power and Transform the USA, by any means necessary, those in charge lie, misinform etc. to gain votes from naive Voters who Hate Trump more than they Love Freedom, and most have no Idea what they’ve done, and this is especially true in Retirement Communities, as I live in one and have talked to many seniors and they have no Clue what the President has accomplished, they only watch ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.

Our Republic is now at the greatest risk in its’ History as this is an Internal Revolution between Socialism and Freedom and many voting on the other side haven’t got a clue what they’ve just done to our Nation, so if you’ve ever considered running for office or know someone you believe would be a Faithful Representative please approach them and ask them to come to the Aide of our Republic, and if you live in AZ let us know and we’ll help you do this, we need Candidates in AZ to Represent the U.S. Constitution Faithfully at all levels of Government, so please take this to Heart our Nation’s Future Depends on You.

I will not Surrender to a Socialist Government now or in the Future, I hope you’ll join us in the Battles that lay ahead for all of US, this is not the time to stop fighting for Freedom, Our Founders lost many Battles in Our Revolutionary War but never Surrendered and Won the War, let’s make them Proud of yet one more Generation of Freedom Loving Americans.

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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