The following questions have been asked of Clair thus far and no doubt will be asked again, we hope you’ll find answers to some of yours, if not please don’t hesitate to ask. Contact Clair

I’ve been active in Arizona for several years: however I’ve been politically active since age 9 and consider myself a Christian Constitutional and a Fiscal / Social Conservative, we hope our friends and associates will support us in this campaign.

I’ve watched Politicians since before High School making all types of promises to us when it comes to our economy. In the last 50 years the Government has continued to grow, taxes have gone up along with Debt and job opportunities for our children and grandchildren have disappeared. I believe we must stop Government expansion and then shrink it along with the increasing Tax burden that goes along with it. Never support or vote for bills that continue to raise taxes directly or by regulations set upon all of us by some Unconstitutional Agency or Department and working toward that goal must begin Now.

I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people; whose powers are derived from the consent of the governed, a democracy in the republic, a sovereign Nation of many States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my Duty to my Country to Love it, to Support its’ Constitution, to Obey its’ Laws, to respect its’ Flag and to Defend it against All enemies. –Written 1917. Accepted by the United States House of Representatives on April 3,1918.

Quite frankly I ran as a result of many years of being what most call a political activist helping others run and some winning and then they don’t keep the pledges they made to the voters. A Republican that votes like a progressive is not a Republican much less a Constitutional Representative, where I and others find these antics immoral let alone unconstitutional. A great concern of mine is that most in office the National Debt has increased beyond reason, 7 Trillion under Bush and now to 20 Trillion under Obama so it doesn’t seem to matter what party is in the White House, our Federal & States governments debts continue to increase our children’s debt by Trillions.

“NO” is a word that is very much a part of my vocabulary and I have no desire to be a career politician, have a basic understanding of the Constitution and Civics and most now in office haven’t proven to be qualified in either area. I believe in term limits, where unfortunately those in office do not. The only way I know of to impose term limits on those in office is to defeat them, sending them back to the private sector or retirement. In addition to this I’m not in any lobbyist or corporations hip pocket and will not say one thing when running and then vote differently once the election is over.

In my decades in business I had a reputation for building coalitions that included my competitors. This inclusion helped build the companies I worked for and the companies we did business with and this wasn’t done by just going along to get along. I will take stands against those who believe it’s their duty to tell your Representatives how to vote or expect them to follow the party line, rather than their sworn duty to our country and its’ citizens.

Yes I do believe that we need to enable all Arizona citizens with the ability & opportunity to have their children get the best education they can and this is one way of doing it.

I believe that anyone who entered our country illegally no matter their age, should not be rewarded with benefits in any form which includes those who’ve now overstayed Visitor or Worker Visas. We are or we’re supposed to be a Nation of laws, so no benefits, no unjust enrichment for those who’ve broken the laws or benefited from laws being broken by others.

No, we have plenty of funds going into the public school system. Over half of the Arizona budget is spent on K-12 and higher education; unfortunately not enough of the money reaches the classroom. In addition individual states need to take control of their respective schools and establish state standards. I believe that if we return the Arizona school system to local control with Arizona standards as was the case prior to the establishment of the Department of Education, children will receive a far superior education and have a better future. Look back in History before the Federal Government was involved and ask yourselves how did we ever accomplish so much without them, the key to this is without them.

The federal government has essentially confiscated much of Arizona’s land so as to control our economies here and in other western states. The federal government took the land initially when Arizona and other territories became states – to hold in trust – to be sold not controlled and this was to be done quickly where the Federal Government continues today to hold those state lands. Hawaii had all lands restored to them in the 1959 Hawaii Enabling Act. Utah as of December 2014 has given the Feds notice to vacate 31.2 million acres under their 2012 ‘Transfer of Public Lands Act’. I believe Arizona and other states in the West need to do this as well, if only we had State Legislative Leadership willing to take a stand and not act like we’re at the mercy of the federal government.

With a Republican House and Senate, will Republicans know how to balance the budget and close the borders in the event of another Democrat President ready to veto whatever Congress does?

Congress must fund the necessary parts of the operations of the federal government. All budgets agreed to by both chambers does just that or vote against it. Many parts of the government are not only unnecessary and wasteful they are also unconstitutional as well. In those instances cuts must be made and be certain there are no hidden projects in the budget. Retired Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburns’ Waste Book released each of the past five years is a good example by highlighting the ridiculous and absurd waste. Congress must be willing to take whatever heat comes from either party and the media (no surprise there) as a result of doing so. I’m not certain this method would bear fruit initially, however I do believe it’s time to draw a line in the cement, since we know that lines drawn in the sand move with just a slight politically correct breeze.

We can’t support any countries that have demonstrated that they oppose our form of government, or countries that allow or persecute their citizens or allow persecution or support the same. I also believe giving more aid directly in the form of food, clothes, medical etc. rather than dollars for their governments to buy arms would be a much better use of our resources attaining longer lasting positive results effecting the people.

Upper most is continuing the sanctions against Iran. At the same time the U.S. Should reassert our steadfast support of Israel, no differently than our support of England, France, Australia, Japan, Canada etc., as a true ally in the middle east and not interfere with Israel’s Sovereign Right as a Nation to defend itself, we have this policy toward our other allies and should treat Israel in the same manner, respecting a Sovereign Nation. Make it clear that an attack on any of our allies is an attack on the United States, and we will take all necessary actions in response. We must also insist on the immediate release of all Americans held in Iran, before we have a or sign any treaty with them along of course with the Reagan Policy of Trust but Verify any and all Nuclear Facilities or no deal.

No more boots on the ground. The United States can use sanctions, drones, and missiles if deemed necessary. We need not put any more of our children in harm’s way, however we can and should assist as previously stated and be certain to aide the Iraqi forces with Logistic and Air Cover when deemed necessary by our military advisers. The real answer to this whole middle east problem is to continue moving forward with an all out energy program to make the United States totally independent once again, one way of doing this is with Liquefied Natural Gas Plants which the Obama Administration has stopped, this energy source would also restore a great deal of our manufacturing jobs, with less expensive energy which is one of the largest costs in all manufacturing, this source could also be exported around the World to improve our Economy and help develop other Nations.

Support those in power where possible, but don’t ever expect a great response as the culture dictates the results in that part of the world and others. We must understand that we’re never going to convert them to our standards or culture, use the technology we have to disrupt and destroy any Taliban or ISIS types in their country, hoping Afghanistan proves not to be a threat or safe haven in the future to our national security.

Make it clear to the Pakistani military that they essentially exist because of our support, and if they don’t release the doctor, our financial support will disappear. We should also prepare for a much tougher American foreign policy versus an industrial policy.

We need to build a Double Wall use Technology to Secure all Our Borders, along with Border Enforcement including troops where necessary. Only by building consensus, a coalition with colleagues in Washington with emphasis on States realizing the same border issues that border each other will such an effort succeed. This will give us perhaps a slower solution, but I believe the one most defensible and Constitutional as well. In the time being a moratorium on all immigration needs to be imposed for at least 3 years, this includes the H-1B & 2B Visa programs, implement the E Verify system and begin replacing those illegally in the country with American Citizens and deport all illegally here. We need in accordance with this to update the Uniform Rule of Naturalization as this is an on going process just as Bankruptcy Laws need updating, so do our Immigration & Naturalization Laws and don’t need to Amend the US Constitution to do it Click to Read Article I Section 8 Clause 4, I hope once read all will understand that what Mr. Trump has come to see is really doable and those in opposition are finding every excuse possible and they are Constitutionally wrong.

Our primary goal must be to get the lands now held by the federal government restored to Arizona by having those who are supposed to represent us in Washington and in Arizona put forth legislation to return the land. I believe if we try to defend our borders without first going through the Arizona and Federal legislative bodies as well as the courts, any effort will look like a right wing radical movement which will provide a lot of fodder for the media. At the same time have the Attorney General of Arizona file suit in federal court to force the return of our land. The U.S. Constitution Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 which gives the states the legal right to defend Arizona against invasion at its borders. The Federal government depending on how you understand it, doesn’t come to our aid after being notified of the imminent danger to the state. Either method can be used in order for Arizona to protect itself, using force if necessary. However we’ll still need those possessing the personal and political courage to carry it out.

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