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AZ’s Jim O’Connor 4 AZ Corp. Comm.

Freedom or Slavery Your Choice, VOTE!

AZ Voters, we can’t afford not to Vote in this Revolutionary Election Cycle as our Republic Form of Government is on the Ballot Federal, State & Local, so be sure you Get Out & Vote, the Future of Freedom is at Risk.

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Van’s interviewing Jim to inform his supporters know what Jim O’Connor plans to do once you elect him to be your next AZ Corp. Commissioner to Protect All of AZ from the Socialist Democrats Green New Energy Plan which isn’t working in California and won’t work in AZ.

I’ll be asking Jim some basic questions I’ve heard while I’ve been out and about distributing Pres. Trump and Jim’s yard signs and so far we’ve handed out over 260 signs and are still going to meetings in the coming week, and hope all of you will put signs in your yards to inform your neighbors who to Vote 4, remember we’re in the Biggest Political Battle of the last 150 yrs. The U.S. is now as divided as during the Civil War and trust me no real surprise as this Election will determine whether we remain a Free Republic or Fall into a Socialist Slave State.

We must win this election or AZ will face an unsure future in Energy, remember the Lady who died 4 not paying her bill of $51.00, well with the Democrats Solar Team they’ll Mandate all Renewable like California and we’ll have Rolling Blackouts & Brownouts for all of AZ, and it won’t matter if you’ve paid your Bill or not they’ll shut off your power and if your life depends on Electricity to stay Alive, you’ll need an emergency Generator if you can Afford One.

I’m asking Our Supporters to Get Out & Vote, and get others to Vote starting with Pres. Trump and working your way way to the Bottom of the Ballot and for sure Vote 4 Jim O’Connor, and Jerry Sheridan we must have Energy and Safety, and they’ll bring us both, and also Vote No on All the Props, once again thank you 4 supporting my Political Talk Shows, Posts or  Campaigns to Serve You.

This will probably be our last Interview in this Election cycle, but will continue making Videos on the Issues, and will do interviews if any Constitutional Republicans believe it will Aid them in Defeating the Socialist Democrats in AZ or elsewhere.

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk / Van the Radio Man 

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