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America’s Silent Majority Speak Now or Be Silent FOREVER!

Van’s Comments on Saving America
View, Read, Like & ShareThe Original statement was made back in the 68 Campaign of Nixon and for the most part the So Called Silent Majority has a Bad Habit of sinking back into Silence once the Election is Over, until America is on the Brink of Destruction has was the case with Carter, we no longer have that Option and in Fact Never have, it’s just people don’t like to Confront the Political Issues and by not doing so they go from minor issues to National Emergencies such as we’re in at present and have been for some 30 years as the DC Government has been shifting the US into Socialism one small step at a time beginning with the Brainwashing / Political Indoctrination of Our Children by using the Public Education System.

Once this Election is over all U.S. Citizens must Commit to staying active and prepare for the 2022 Elections Federal, State, County & Local and begin cleaning House of all Socialist Democrats and Republic-Rats still in office, these elected officials all to often don’t represent us but themselves and special interests, and many in the GOP pretend to support Trump only because the Fear being removed from office.

I’ll ask this question, why at the Federal Level didn’t the GOP Launch Investigations immediately and then proceed to Prosecute Clinton, Biden, FBI Director Comey and others. I believe most in office also have Dirty Laundry they didn’t want exposed so they stayed quiet and remember many Incumbent Republicans didn’t run in 18 opening the Door for the Socialist Dems to take over the House giving Pelosi control, wasn’t an accident.

In conclusion the Silent Majority must stay  vocal and contact the President  Demanding He Clean Up the Republican Party at all levels, or in 24 the March to Socialism will regain Speed and we’ll lose Our Freedoms and Nation before the End of this Decade.

If anyone doesn’t believe that, ask yourselves why there’s not an Outcry for the GOP to Bar Cindy McCain, Flake and other Never Trumpers from the GOP and any Function they hold from speaking or even attending, remember Sen. McCain didn’t serve AZ according to the Oath he took but strictly by his own agenda which had nothing to do with Supporting, Protecting or Defending the U. S. Constitution and his Wife’s Endorsement of Biden demonstrates that to anyone who’s still got enough Common Sense to see it.

President George Washington stated; Political Parties are Enemies of the U. S. Government meaning the People and this is definitely a Great Demonstration of Party vs. U.S. Constitution, so Bar All the Never Trumpers or Declare Publicly you support their Right to Violate the GOP Platform and the Trust of the American People in so doing.Check Out the Video To View Comments on this Article link on page.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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