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AZ’s GOP PURPLE Sen. Flake Betrays US Again!

AZ’s Own GOP PURPLE U. S. Senator Jeff Flake

Sen. Flake tried to get the Judiciary Committee to Force the Senate to Delay the Floor Vote on Judge Kavanaugh for a One Week Investigation by the FBI, which is nothing more than aiding the Socialist Democrats in delaying the Vote to get even more accusations to spring up from nowhere, as well as a signal I believe from Flake he’ll Vote No if they don’t do as he asks.

I also Believe this is something Senators Collins,Murkowski, Wicker plus others want, are using the Judiciary Committee to do for them thru Sen. Flake who’s a willing player in this Web of GOP PURPLE SENATORS and REPRESENTATIVES. I don’t believe any of us will ever be totally Free as long as these types of People are in the Leadership of the GOP and as Voters we must if we Truly Love the USA to remove them ASAP from Office at All Levels, and if not then get ready for even more Betrayals in the Future.

This is why as Americans we can no longer support the Lesser of Two Evils for any Office as they always prove to be not a Friend of Freedom ,but only the Crooked Politicians seeking to hang onto Power, so I hope this shows all not only in AZ but in the US this so called Lesser of Two Evils GOP Theology will in the Long Run bring Our Republic to its’ Knees Enslaving All of US.
Sen. Flake needs to know if he betrays us as Sen. McCain did on the Healthcare Bill, he needn’t return to AZ but needs to set up permanent residence in DC and join Kyl as a Lobbyist.

Question; What did the Socialist Democrats Promise Flake if he does this Political Favor 4 them? 

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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