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Sen. Flake Vote 4 Judge Kavanaugh Now!

It’s time for all AZ Citizens who believe you’re Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY Time to Stand UP!

Judge Kavanaugh Balanced Justice!

I watched the Entire U.S. Senate Hearing today and was completely disappointed with the Prosecutor of Maricopa County as she missed at the very least Three Opportunities to explore why Dr. Ford brought this accusation against Judge Kavanaugh.
1. She stated even after the so called Sexual Misconduct she’s accused Judge Kavanaugh of committing stated she continued going to parties he attended. This makes no sense as most would never give anyone who attacked a 2nd chance at this.

2. She clearly stated that once she saw Judge Kavanaugh nominated for the US Supreme Court she knew she had to do something to stop him from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. She could have brought these charges against him while he was on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, most believe the 2nd Highest position a Judge could hold with a great deal of influence on generations to come with his decisions, however would never be able to over rule Roe vs. Wade and this I believe is the Issue and the Socialist Democrats will stoop to anything to get this done.

3. This Alleged Crime was committed in a state that apparently has no Statute of Limitations, so she could have filed a report there and the Police would have had to investigate it and since this is basically a Liberal State believe they’ve have been all over it, once again Maricopa County Attorney never asked this question as well.

Americans who believe in Our Form of Government must take a strong Stand and Call Senator Jeff Flake’s Office ASAP (R- AZ) 202-224-4521 • 202-228-0515, it’s time to become part of this process and Call in Favor of Voting 4 Judge Kavanaugh, as we’ve heard Sen. Flake is still Fence Sitting, whether he’s doing this to be the center of attention isn’t relevant, he must be moved to Vote in Favor of Judge Kavanaugh and I encourage all AZ to give him a Call.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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