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U. S. Justice vs. Social Justice

Accused today by the Social Justice Groupies and Presumed Guilty, if this is Now the New Rule of Law in the U.S. the Fall of the Republic is at Hand.

We the People must make Our Voices Heard, most believing in the Rule of Law have sat quietly by and watched the Social Justice Movement continue pushing their Agenda to retake the U.S. Government and continue the March to Socialism that is waiting for all of US. The Social Justice Groupies have no intention of allowing another Constitutional Judge be appointed to the US Supreme Court, they know if Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment is confirmed they’ll be blocked no matter who’s in the White House for at least the next 20 years, and have no intention of allowing this to happen.

We must all remember when the Socialist Democrats defended Bill & Hillary Clinton, Frankin, Kennedy, Sharpton, Jackson and so many more, and most of us knows they’re Guilty of the Crimeswhich do include Rape, Abuse, Robbery, Destroying Evidence and on and on.

Most Voters have made up their minds on Judge Kavanaugh, 1/3 say he’s at the very least Guilty of something, 1/3 believe he’s Innocent of which I’m one when you consider the evidence now at hand and 1/3 who want to wait and see what the Senate Hearing finds thru the testimony of Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, but I also realize that Social Justice is what’s brought this about as the statements made and lack of any type evidence wouldn’t even allow this case to be filed on in theReal World, however we’re dealing in the Politically Divided World of the US Political system run by the Social Justice types and most in office haven’t had the Courage to Publicly question the Real Motive for this Charge which is to Prevent Judge Kavanaugh or any other Supreme Court Candidatewho supports the US Constitution from being seated on the Court, and to discourage others similar to Judge Kavanaugh from accepting the invitation to be on the US Supreme Court, as they won’t want to put their Families thru this Social Justice Meat Grinder. 

The Socialist Democrats have already won this Battle as intended, they got the attention of their Base by making them believe the charges and at the same time have discouraged the Faint of Heart in the GOP from voting for them, I’m certain you all know some Fence Sitters who Sway with the Wind, and they’ve taken their Loyal Press Associates down this Path who won’t allow it to just Die at least until after the Nov. Elections, so in that they’ve Won even if Judge Kavanaugh is Confirmed,mostly because far to many in the GOP Feared Losing Votes 4 calling this what it is, More Political Theater provided to Rally the Socialist Democrat Troops. 
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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