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Close Dept of Ed

America Wake Up Now!  SUPPORT HR 899

These stats should frighten all of us as to the future of the United States of America and how we’ve been dumbed down over the last few decades since the Federal Government with the Aide of Both Parties has continued to control not only the Way the Children are taught but also the Material and now with Common Core and Data Collection it will only get worse. The time is now to stop listening to all those in office who pretend it’s getting better or they’re fixing it when in fact it’s just giving them time to entrench the System even more, we must Demand of President Trump an END to the Department of Education support HR 899 now and Return Total Control to Local Schools and Parents.

If we as Free Born Citizens aren’t willing to take on those who are now organizing to terrorize those in opposition to the total take over of our Nation then what our Founders said has come to pass, they stated it will take a Moral People to Maintain this Republic, well I realize the morality of the U.S. has slipped to an all time low so time now to step up and fix it while we still can as they’ve declared War on Freedom and we’re the only one’s able to fight back for the minds and hearts of other Americans. Many in the Bureaucracy of DC are set on destroying our Repblic from within and this must be stopped by President Trump and all Like Minded Americans, send a message loud & clear we won’t go quietly into the night.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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