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AZs’ Misinformation on Common Core!

We all need careful when accepting at face value statements made by any elected officials as many have their own self serving reasons for making them. I was sent this in an email and thought any in AZ and perhaps other states as well might like to take a look at what AZ elected officials would have voters and even other elected officials believe when the facts don’t bare out the realities. These statements made by our elected officials have a tendency to give them all the cover they need when facing the uninformed voters, it’s left to those who know to spend the time and take advantage of every opportunity to speak out on the Fraud that’s being committed by them.

Anita Christy, Gila WatchArizona’s Newest K-12 Math Standards No Different than Common Core. Superintendent Diane Douglas may have conned members of the state legislature, who have far more on their plate than to question her “repeal and replace” Common Core shell game.  She may also have successfully deceived the low information voters.  But, no matter how much she rants, raves, and bullies, she didn’t succeed with the Mommy Lobby, members of the Arizona Standards Development Committee,  Arizonans Against Common CoreBreitbartItasca Small writing for the Arizona Daily IndependentSeeing Red Arizona, or various Stop Common Core facebook groups: Click HEREHEREHERE, and HERE.   One of the mothers with the Mommy Lobby volunteered her time to do a 73-page comparison of the old Common Core K-12 Math Standards against Arizona’s Final “repealed and replaced” Draft.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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