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AZ Sheriff Lamb: Illegal Migrants Given $5,000 Gift Cards After Crossing Border

Arizona Sheriff a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate claimed Illegal migrants are being given $5,000 gift cards after illegally crossing the so. border.
Pinal County Sheriff Lame claimed this week in a video to his Senate campaign account on X . Lamb said "our government" has given Illegals gift cards, cell phones and airline tickets to any U.S. destination after entering the country.
"When the Illegals come across they're being given a cell phone, a plane ticket to anywhere they want to go in the U.S. so, possibly to a community near you—and a $5,000 Visa card," Lamb says in the video.
"So, during Christmas time when you're struggling to pay utes, rent, food etc. our government is giving illegals $5,000 gift cards," he added. "That's the truth, folks."
There is a U.S. government program giving illegals migrants $5,000 gift cards. A spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Newsweek via phone on Thursday that no gift cards came from the agency.
Newsweek reached out for comment to the Dept. of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via email on Thursday.
According to The Epoch Times, Lamb heard about the supposed gift card exchange from "close sources" at the border, telling the outlet that he was "absolutely in shock when these agents came forward" with the news.
"To give out $5,000 Visa gift cards to people who break our laws and come into our country illegally when the average American is struggling to pay their bills is just tough to swallow," Lamb said, before hinting that the purported gift cards may be distributed by charities rather than the government. ("The government can make the claim that they aren't directly paying for it, because each dollar first goes from the government to a non-government institution like a charity before it is used to pay for the illegals," he said.)
( Clair’s Comment; The government just found another way to Lie, Steal & Cheat the American Citizen’s, as we’re the ones paying for this from our Tax Dollars.)
Some Illegals are given a mobile phone after entering the country, with the purpose of tracking the migrants with pre-loaded software called Smarlink. The free phones can’t be used to access the internet or make unauthorized calls or text messages. (Clair’s comment; Maybe we can use the Lind to DEPORT in 25)
It's nice to know at least someone running for the U.S. Senate at the very least understands the Border Crisis 1st Hand and I blieve when He's Elected he'll actually go to DC to move this Issue Forward Unlike All the Talking Heads we've had there for Years who've Talked Alot and Done nothing, and this is especially addressed to those in GOP Leadership who actually Fought against the Wall, Deportation etc., which is why Biden has now Turned It Into a Full Blown Ivasion of Our Nation from Around the World, Pres. Eisenhower stated: When you have people coming into your country and you don't know who they are, it's called and INVASION, so lets put someone in Office who won't shrink away from Abiding by the Oath He has already Taken and Upheld as the Sheriff.
God Bless You All & Now Lets Get to Work; Clair Van Steenwyk

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