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AZ’s Legal Election Fraud Cover Up Part II


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This is the 2nd Half of the Video I made a few weeks back, it took some time to get it edited, however unfortunately it appears we’re angrier now then we were then, we’re all experiencing just how far Our So Called Representative Gov. has fallen and how Crooked the Voting System is, and believe it’s more apparent to more of you today here in AZ.

We must Demand All Our Elected Officials change our Election Laws and put Enforcement Teeth in them to Not Only Prevent Voter Fraud in the Early Mail in Ballots, but also at the Polls, and in the Counting Rooms with Law Enforcement present to see to it that Every Legal Vote is Counted and No One is prevented from doing what they’re Legally there.

We have Elections coming up in 2022 and need USA Citizens in AZ who are prepared to Serve the People of AZ to Step Up and Run for Office, and also need all of You to Support, Fund, Campaign and Vote for them, so start Demanding the Election Laws are Really Fixed including more oversight in the all AZ County Recorders Offices and Stop them from transferring Voters from the State Registration Form to the Federal Voters List, it’s time to go to Work and Save Our Nation & State.

We must have a shorter time period of Early Voting and Paper Ballots that are hand counted, as I don’t trust the Machines or Companies operating these systems, and an up to date signature recognition system which Law Enforcement and Certified Handwriting Experts use, verification is crucial and can’t be placed in the Hands of Poll Workers or County Employees, Our Republic Form of Government is at Risk and must be Protected.

America is supposed to be a Christian Nation, however by what has taken place in this past year is proving that is no longer the case, and unless those who are called by His Name Repent and Turn from their Wicked Ways so He can Heal their Land our futures are doomed, so think about this as some have begun putting the Cartoon Character Yoda on Top of the CHRISTmas Tree rather than the Star which is the symbol of the Star over Bethlehem, oh how Far the USA has Fallen.

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God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk / AKA Van the Radio Man

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