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AZ’s Voter Registration Fraud Part I

  McCain’s Wing of GOP Controls AZ’s Executive Branch Voter Registration Fraud!

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AZ’s GOP Executive Branch took Part in the Socialist Coup to overthrow President Trump before he was even Elected. There’s Legal Voting Fraud in AZ’s Voter Registration system, and most voters have no idea this goes on, it begins with Voter Registration, 

“The BIG OPEN SECRET, i.e. the 2016 Settlement Agreement that AZ’ AG Brnovich and former SOS Reagan entered into with Chicanos Por La Causa, Signed Off on by Gov. Ducey, this allows anyone to register to vote on the Federal Bifurcated Ballot with No ID Verification, No Ability to Audit the Registrations and No Recourse for Fraudulent Registrations.

How Many of These Exist in AZ’s Broken Election System?  Numbers from AZ’s SOS I believe will Surprise all of you, and perhaps shed some Light on where some of Biden & Kelly’s Votes came from, and remember there’s No Proof of Birth or Residence required on the Federal Registration Form so AZ’s SOS automatically transfers them to the Federal Voters Roll due to insufficient Information from the State Registration Form onto the Federal Voters Rolls.

Answer to the Above Question: Good morning Mr. Van Steenwyk, I hope you had a great weekend.  

Our office received your request for the number of federal only voters and the number of voters who registered using the federal form. For the 13 counties, 3,860 registered with a federal voter registration form. We do not have this data for Maricopa and Pima. As for the count of federal only voters, the numbers are provided below:

Inactive: 10,855, Active: 24,806 = 35,748, now there’s another question why hasn’t Maricopa or Pima Counties turned in their data to the AZ SOS’s Office, maybe because it’s they control so many more votes and can commit Voting Fraud easier in these Counties, not to mention more Events held to Register Voters and Harvest Ballots.

AZ Registered Voters using the Federal Form: 3,860 AZ Registered Voters not using Federal form 31,888 must have been transferred to the Federal Voters List from AZ State Form, this isn’t legal even with AZ’s Executive Branch agreement in 2016, and therefore all these Voters and their Votes must be removed from the total votes and the Federal Only List.

AZ’s SOS Hobbs has the Federal Form on AZ SOS website which requires No Proof of Citizenship or Residence to Vote 4 Federal Officials, and the SOS moves anyone using the State From whose information is insufficient is automatically put onto the Federal List, other areas are the signature process to get candidates on the ballots, AZ has badly written Election Laws and Voters must Demand those in Office Write New Laws.

Contact Ducey & Demand he rescind this Settlement Agreement: Call: 602-542-4331 / Fax: 602-542-7601Email: Mail: Gov. Ducey 1700 W. Washington St. , Phx., AZ 85007Gov. Website: Contact Governor Ducey | Office of the Arizona Governor (

All AZ Voters must also Contact their State Senators, Representatives, County Supervisors and Demand Our Election Laws be fixed and if they don’t respond by doing what you Order them to do, then in 2022 find New People to Represent You and $upport and Vote 4 THEM, NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS in AZ or the USA for that MATTER. 

Link to Video on You tube:

God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

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