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RINOs Run AZ Politics!

Clair Van Steenwyk PC, State Committeeman and GOP Constitutional Candidate for Maricopa County Recorder:  

I agree with Joe Neglia​ on his comments about Jeff Flake, John Mc Cain, and M. McSally, however he forgot several others, like the 20+ Reps. in  AZ’s Legislature who sponsored the NPV and 18 who voted for the NPV, not to mention the 6 AZ Senators who also supported it and one of them Sen. Yeeis now your Treasurer and waiting to become I believe your next Governor who’s also proud of being on the staff of RINO California Gov. Schwarzenegger, and oh yes let’s not forget the 4 AZ Reps. who voters then promoted to be AZ Senators, Livingston / 22, Gray / 21, Boyer / 20 andMesnard, the real problem is that the Voters are never truly informed about those who are in office and just Vote Party Line or as they say the Better of Two Evils. 

Link to entire list of AZ Legislators who Sponsored or Voted 4 the National Popular Vote:

​I know these comments won’t assist me in garnering the votes​ I need in the Primary from these RINOs or their followers, and the Un or Mis informed Voters as the RINOs control the $$$$$$ and the message that these RINOs are Conservatives, which Campaign Fraud, as they’re Lying to Voters to garner their Votes.

I hope the day will come when those who truly know the truth are willing to help those who are Truly Constitutional Candidates, and until that happens we’ll all continue to get more of the same no matter how much we complain on the GOP Briefs, Meetings etc. nothing will change until all are willing to pay the Cost of making the Change Happen.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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