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Republic vs. Socialist Communism!

USA 2018 General Election is a Choice 4 Freedom or Slavery, What’s Your Choice?

I pray our President’s Rallies turn into real support for Freedom as that’s really what this is about, a Republic vs. a Socialist and eventually Communist State if the Democrats have their way. We’ve watched the general progression over the yrs. as they find issues to get voters support and only deliver misery to most, however the lost sheep in the Democrat Socialist Party continue to march the US down that path and now hope all Running for Office will finally declare the Truth of it and Call Allof them out for what they are. I do believe it’s a clear choice between a Socialist State or Freedomand the question to ask all Voters is do you want Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia, No. Korea’s type of government?  If they do then Vote for the Democrats as this is the decision that will be made in the 2018 General, move to a Free Republic or Back in the direction to a Socialist Communist State, it’s the Voters Choice for the Children’s Futures.
God Bless You All;Clair Van Steenwyk

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