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VAN’s CROSSOADS / GOP DC Double Standards!


I find it’s just more DC SWAMP Politics as usual with the Silence by the GOP pertaining to the Harassment of Women by Dems, but Loud & Clear when it comes to a GOP Candidate the GOP Elites Don’t Want or are able to Control!

Does anyone else who follows Politics in DC ever wonder how those who serve in DC at all levels get away with all the Double Talk when it comes to criticizing outsiders and defending or staying basically silent when it comes to those they serve with?

I know the recent noise they’ve all made when it comes to Judge Moore and the unsubstantiated accusations against him, but silent on Franken and I’m sure others they all know of when it comes to FACTS on the Harassment of Women at many levels by their so called colleagues.

I believe many in DC stay silent because they’re afraid of being exposed to some of the same behavior by others and don’t want to shake the Political Tree in DC or elsewhere. The best defense for this is just staying silent while all along knowing there’s more that can and should be exposed but they won’t.

We must demand an Investigation as well as them Revealing just who’s been accused and the Taxpayer Funds that were used to pay off the accuses so as to keep the Voting Public in the Dark when it comes to the Behavior of those who make the Laws we’re All Governed Under.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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