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Investigate DC Office Holders Becoming Rich!

We’re facing a new time in American Politics or are we?  The accussations against Moore in Alabama are just the tip of the Ice Berg and may very well lead to his defeat or withdrawing from the race before Dec.  We all know the Clintons have had their poor history when it comes Bill sexually assaulting women & Hillary attacking them and defending Bill along with most the Liberal Press, Politicians and  Leftwing Organizations.

I’ve also noticed everyone seems to be very angry now about the sexual assault charges of the Clintons, Franken, Moore, and others recently named in Politics, Hollywood and very likely it will spread to other areas as well.

2nd Question: How Have DC Office Holders Gotten Rich? 

I’ve noticed no one in any of these areas seems to be upset by the Politicians who for Decades now have been stuffing themselves with all the $$$$$$$$$$$$’s they’ve been enriching themselves with while in office.  No charges or investigations are being launched by any Committees that I can find and this Enrichment has come at the Expense to the American Citizens while they quietly became Millionaires.

The Office Holders in DC didn’t seem to have any real Talent for making Money before being Elected to Office, so I’m hoping some in the Public, Press and even Political Office will Demand an Investigation, into just how so many of the Office Holders in DC have become Millionaires while supposedly serving US.

Link to Charts showing Worth and might add Flake hasn’t become wealthy while in office;

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Link to Internet Radio Show on this Issue:

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