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Biden’s  Puppet  Masters Destroying Our Republic?

Federally Controlled Lands Violates the U.S. Constitution

Read Article I Section VIII Clause XVI: This prohibits the Federal Government from exercising any Powers or Land Grabs over the Sovereign States of the USA, which they done for most of their existence; {The Congress shall have the Power} To exercise Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District ( not exceeding ten miles square ) Look it up and read it for yourself, this makes the control they’ve taken mostly West of the Mississippi over Forests and Miles of Square Miles completely Illegal and these lands must be Restored to the States.

Federal Acres under Oil Development in the 1st 19 months of the following Administrations; Reagan 47.3, HW Bush 17.23, Clinton 9.69, Bush 12.74, Obama 7.25, Trump 4.4, Biden 0.13

Even though the Federal Government under the US Constitution has no Authority over State Lands in the past century + has taken it and as a result US Citizens are now at the mercy of the Wacko, Leftists in DC, and neither Party has done a damn thing to End or Prevent this, even though under GOP Administrations it’s done slightly better.

Biden stopped Development of Oil in the Gulf of Mexico & on 9/8/23 did the same in Alaska even though the Congress passed a law allowing for the Development attached to Trumps Tax Reduction Act and Biden has No Authority to Stop it and is Violating the Law just as he is in trying to Fund the Student Loans which the Supreme Court has Ruled that he can’t do and could only be done by an Act / Law passed in Congress, Biden also depleted the Nation Oil Reserve by 70%, which is supposed to be for Emergencies not to reduce Inflation or Win Elections which was their purpose and left America Weaker.

The government appears to be Out of Our Control but none of what they’re doing is Accidental, it’s a well laid out plan which they’ve been implementing for over 100 years beginning with the Wilson Administration to Make America a Communist State.

Biden’s Administration is blatantly Violating the Law with those Running the Biden Administration which caused Inflation to Rise even Higher and also strengthens Our Enemies as the USA is buying Oil from Venezuela, Iran & Russia, funny we’re suppose to prevent Iran from getting a Nuclear Bomb yet we’re funding it & aiding Russia in their War with Ukraine with American Dollars, this one of the many ways the Biden Administration is Aiding Our Enemies while Weakening America.

The War Against the America People Owning Homes: Interest Rates now exceed 7% + which prevents 1st time buyers from qualifying to buy, and home owners can’t afford to sell their existing homes as they have 4% or Less Interest rates they can’t qualify for a new loans over 7%, therefore the American Dream of Home Ownership has and continues to Shrink.

We also have private companies joining in the March to Communism and here are a few examples; Blackrock, State Street & Vanguard and others are systematically buying up single family homes to rent out, & home builders are building new homes to Lease Out & other Investors are also putting up New Apts. For Lease Only, in effect shrinks Inventory and gives control to major investment firms

Moral Decay in the USA: One cause is a higher Rate of Single Parent Families resulting from decades of Social Engineering 1st by Johnson’s Great Society and further Social & Economic Theories of the Socialist Democrats, check these latest examples;
In 2000 30% and now in 2020 40% of Families are Single Parent Families and approximately 99% of these Families don’t have a Fathers living in the Home.
The Ethnic % is as Follows;
Black 70 out of 100 are Single Parent
Hispanic 53 “ “ “ “ “ “
European 28 “ “ “ “ “ “
Asian 13 “ “ “ “ “ “

Biden’s adding to this Decay by his Expansion of the Food Stamps to add $250 Billion which added 2.4 Million Americans who left their jobs to receive them, this also effected our Tax Base as they no longer pay State or Fed. Income Taxes, or into Soc. Sec.
Biden’s Administration is also giving Work Permits, Food Stamps, Housing, Transportation, Free Healthcare, and Education to Illegal Immigrants, these policies Add to Higher Food, Energy, Housing, Healthcare, and Education Costs etc., to those paying Taxes, this is also causing the Standard of Living in the US to Fall and breaking up homes.

Biden’s Nuclear Proliferation Policy is opposite of any Policy the US has ever had, however their funding Bill Gates in building a Nuclear Facility to create Plutonium & Highly Enriched Uranium along with our military to do similar work, which will put the US and World at Greater Risk.

Hopefully you’ll read and pass this along to friends, this is a well thought out plan by Elites and uses the USA’s Shadow Government to carry all the plans mentioned in this article to Destroy Our Republic and its Liberty of over 245 years in which Thousands have Died & countless others have been Wounded.

I don’t believe Biden has ever been capable of carrying this off, however I do believe those in Charge are, and We the People have No Time to Waste, they can’t be allowed to win in 2024, and don’t believe CNN Polls, as they and other Socialists Fear Trump as do the RINOs running against him like Christi, Pince, Haley and a couple of others, just take a look at where they get their monies and it alone tells the Story.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk
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