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Marxist DC vs. America’s Freedom

Federal Gov. New Plan to Destroy the Republic
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The federal government and those who work inside it along with other Political String Pullers couldn’t get the Agenda 21 plan to work so they’re reversing policy by bringing Agenda 21 to the Suburbs, and the Elites and Foreign Governments are buying up Housing in the Suburbs to make a Fortune while they assist in its implementation.

Let’s examine Black Rock, and Foreign Governments and others are busy buying Private Property from single family houses to acres of land in the Suburbs. The reason for this is quite simple when you closely look at what the Federal Government is trying to mandate to the Counties throughout the U.S., they’re now working on a plan to force Counties to Rezone the Suburbs mandating Multi Family Housing / Apts. into the suburbs, this will allow lower income families in which will raise their standard of living, and they’ll be once again be greatful to the Marxist Dems and they’ll use that to control the votes, and take contol of the suburbs, and yes discrimination is the main reason used as the reason for the Rezoning.

The tool they’re using to carry off this plan is by refusing to pay any funds to the States for Infrastructure such as highways, bridges, roads, etc., as the loss to the states is in the Billions, and states can’t rebuild without the funds from the taxes they send to DC to rebuild, so the States and Counties will give in to this Blackmail and  the Federal Government / Marxist Democrats will be able to force the building of Apts., and control Voters and stay in power forever, and the American People including the new residents in the suburbs will lose their Freedom once and for all.

I hope all who view and read this will begin to understand just how devious this is and yes there are some in the GOP who quite frankly go along with this, they’re also power and position hungry and these must also be weeded out in the Primary cycle of 2022.

America was founded on Christian Biblical Principles, however by what has taken place in the past years and presently in DC and the Nation is proving that is no longer true, unless those called by His Name Repent and Turn from their Wicked Ways so God can Heal their Land our futures are doomed, how much Farther will Believers in the USA Fall?

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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