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Biden’s Message of Unity ?????????

Socialist Dems New Doctrine of Deprogram Trump Supporters

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I’m certain many have heard the new message of the Socialist Elites to Deprogram supporters ofPresident Trump, this Indoctrination has been going on for Decades as most work to provide for families the Public Schools and Colleges have Divided us into Political & Moral Camps, talking with your children and grandchildren for the most part will prove the Socialist Democrats Indoctrinated the Children ushering in a Socialist America.

Americans are in the middle of a Political Revolution, and the Socialist Democrats plan to leave Americans less Free, however they believe that most Americans will give up some Freedoms if guaranteed a Secure Financial Future, many in the younger generation bought this, and many of the older generation want peace with family & friends are willing to give up Freedoms most Truly Never Exercised, as they’re taught not to Offend anyone in regards to Religion or Politics by Pastors and Political Leaders.

Biden’s Actions Speak Far Louder than his Empty Words!

Biden statement of representing All the People is a shallow statement, as soon after making it he went into the Oval Office and rescinded President Trump’s order to ban travel from heavily Muslim Countries, Stopped the Keystone Pipeline, Will Open Borders, rejoin the Paris Treaty etc., and used words that basically Declares War on Free Speech and the Right to Exercise It,  this isn’t representing those who Treasure Our Freedoms & Security and won’t Unite but Divide Americans even more.

Antifa according to Biden doesn’t exist, well for a group that doesn’t exist it rioted in Portland & Seattle again and few arrests and will probably release with no Trials as they’ve done in the past, and oh yes no Riots in DC, unlike Jan 20, 2017 when President Trump was Inaugurated as they set cars on fire, blew out windows and injured police.

Biden’s Plan is to Defund Police and use the National Guard for enforcement, as they were deployed in State Capitols throughout the Nation on Jan. 20,2021, these Socialists intend to rule by Force, and they’re the ones that will declare Marshall Law and even now are setting up Federal Rules to be Vaccinated.

We live in Frightening and depressing times, however God’s on our side, and some already experienced persecution by family, friends, employers and total strangers, but remember this statement by Christ; Fear Not for I AM with You, so continue Praying for the God’s Guidance and Do His Will, for me that’s continue to Standing Up and Fighting for Our God Granted Rights, I’ve always believed God Truly gave Birth to Our Nation and it’s up to US in Our Struggle to Maintain It.

I hope all of you realize the Power you have with your $$$$$$$$$$$ and don’t spend them with businesses who don’t support Freedom, may make your lives a bit difficult but then Freedom isn’t Free, so if you Talk the Talk then TIME has Come to Walk the Walk.

Call and email demanding Your Elected Officials in DC Not legitimize Impeachment or Censor of President Trump by Contacting

US Senators @,the%20Senate%20office%20you%20request.

Van’s Crossroads Video is on Rumble… / & GAB Link… / look us up under Van’s Crossroads.

Our Pray is we stay United in the Cause of Freedom, and not allow Socialists, Anarchists, Globalists, Fake News, Politicians & Religious Leaders to Stop US from Restoring Our Republic and Our God Granted Rights.  

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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