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I’m announcing our plans for upcoming programs to inform Voters and Citizens who maybe planning to run for office with guests who’ll be answering the questions most possible candidates might have.

We believe everyone viewing this Video is or knows someone who might be interested in Serving Our Nation & State as we all move forward in the Battle to Restore both to Republic Forms of Government, as at present neither truly are, we have Elected Officials who are serving their Party vs. the Citizens of the United States, and it’s time for All who truly Love Our God Granted Rights to step and either Run or $upport those who are properly Vetted by Constitutionally based questions if we Hope to bring about the Reversal of Decades of Party Loyalty vs. Allegiance to the U. S. Constitution which lays our Our God Granted Rights that Shall Not Be Infringed Upon by any Person or Government.

I hope all who’ve been Activists in the Past will step up and Join Us in this Continued Battle to Support, Protect & Defend these Rights no Matter the Cost to them at any level.

Contact us if you or someone you know might be interested in doing an interview.

We say on all our Monies In God We Trust and then the Politicians and Party Leaders Demand you Vote 4 the Better of Two Evils, this practice puts no Trust in God and has help lead all of us to the Eve of Destruction, therefore I suggest All of US pray 1st to Restore Our Faith and then I do believe God will Restore Us as a People and give Us the Ability to Restore Our Nation, but Our Personal Restoration comes 1st.

Link to Video:

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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