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Voter Fraud & Ballot Harvesting

WAKE UP AMERICA, the Socialist Dems are attempting to Steal Our Government in the Upcoming Elections

This Video will explain what the Socialist Dems have prepared for the General Elections which actually start in Oct. due to Early Voting by Mail and of course the Ballot Harvesting that we know goes on in AZ especially, and how they’ve used the Federal Election Forms to register Voters and many very likely aren’t Citizens since you don’t have to prove Citizenship when using the Federal Form, and it’s not Audited at a later date as well.

Our former AZ SOS Reagan along with AG Brnovich and Gov. Ducey agreed to using this form by making a deal with what else a Democrat and thereby have put at risk the Outcome of the General Election, this is what very likely is in store in other Swing States as well.

The only Solution to this no matter what State you live in is to be certain to Vote and get All of Your Relatives, Friends, Neighbors to do the same, and be sure they know that this Election will either Guarantee us a Republic Form of Government or if we Lose be the Beginning of the End of Our Nation as we’ve known it and the Final Push to turn the U.S. into what Biden calls a Transformation which he’ll just be the figurehead of while the Socialist Radical Left takes us into Hell for the Rest of Our Lives.

I pray you Heed this Warning as we’ve been Ringing the Bell for years now and don’t believe anyone can Avoid the Truth any Longer.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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