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Maricopa County Voters Wake Up B 4 the 2020 Primary

I’m speaking on the Issue of having 400 Less Polling Places to Vote in the Primary in Maricopa County, and of course it’s being blamed on the China Virus not on the Poor Operations at the County level no matter which Department they’re associated with.
We’re asking Voters in Maricopa County to contact their Supervisors and let them know you don’t want 400 less Polls and get this fixed immediately as they promised back in 2018 that we’d never have this happen with the Supervisors in charge, Contact #’s; Dist 1 Sellers 602-506-1776, Dist 2 Churchi 602-506-7431 Dist 3 Gates 602-506-7562 Dist 4 Hickman 602-506-7642 Dist 5 Gallardo 602-506-7092, so far it looks like that Promise isn’t going to be kept, so get on your phones while you still have the time to get something done, after all Maricopa County has plenty of Empty Buildings and Parking Lots to set up Air Conditioned Tents, time to think outside the Governments small closet, and Deliver on your Promises.
Jean & I also ask for you to Vote 4 Jim O’Connor for AZ’s Corportation Commission and Jerry Sheridan 4 County Sheriff.
Candidate 4 Maricopa County Recorder,

Video Link;

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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