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AZ GOP Fraud in Delegates Convention Election!

Clair Van Steenwyk / Candidate 4 Maricopa County Recorder comments on: Our AZ GOP Election 4 the GOP Convention is a Fraud!

Instructions at the Top of the Ballot

Vote the Official Trump Slate 

Do not select individual delegates below

Congressional District 8
Vote for up to if not voting the Official Trump Slate
The top 3 Vote getters will be elected delegates, the next 3 will be elected as alternates, and below the list to choose from.

1st we’re Directed to Vote for the So Called Trump Slate of Supporters, some former Supporters of McCain and Flake, and Who Not to Vote For, giving It a Clear Advantage over other Candidate, this is Election Tampering.

The Ballots were then laid out Alphabetically with Special Exceptions, given the Trump Slate was put at the Topof the Ballot not Alphabetically, giving Candidates Unfair Advantage with a 2nd Bite at the Apple, by 1st Instructing you who to and not to vote for, and then Putting the Trump Slate at the Top of the Ballot, and it Worked, the entire Slate Bar 1 in CD 8 Won. The AT Large Candidates as well.  Who set this up? 

Examine the Ballot you’ll find many who should be closer to the beginning of the Ballots aren’t, this to me is Clearly Ballot Tampering which is Election Fraud.

Check Out Entire Ballot, Link To Ballots:,  we all know computer systems fix errors quickly but not in this case.

This is Election Fraud, Take a look at the Layout of the Ballots and see for yourselves.  Not done Alphabetically is so Obvious on both. Link To Ballots:

Who choose the Trump Slate, some never supported President Trump in the Primary Link: AZ-Official Trump Slate

The GOP talks about Voter Fraud, it appears we have Election Tampering within AZ’s State GOP Delegate Election, however they’ll come up some Excuse like for the sake of Unity, most over used Excuse, we’d never accept this from Socialist Democrats like Fontez or AZ SOS, will the GOP gain Trust of PCs or Voters with Obvious Favoritism in State Delegate Elections.

You can’t stand close to the Door of a Polling Place to solicit Votes, but you can Tamper with the Ballot itself to Influence the End Results, send the So Called Trump Slate out just Minutes before Voting started leaving no real Time to Examine Candidates History, sounds like Maricopa County Recorder Fontez except he fixes Elections by Not Counting Votes, what makes the GOP Party Leaders believe they can Tamper with this Election? I suppose it’s the habit they’ve grown use by using Proxies at Meetings. 

Do you truly believe this was a FairElection, when the BallotInstructs us how to vote and selects who’s put toward the TOP of it, I hope some Candidates and Voters will FileComplaints Demanding this Election not be Certified, if this is allowed to stand then the AZ GOP Political Machine 

will Control the GOPResults and Outcomes of Future Elections as it appears they did on this one.

Is this a TEST of Our Voting Freedoms in the Future Elections, not unlike the China Virus which we Failed by Allowing the Government to tell U.S. Citizens what they Could and Couldn’t Do, which Violated Our God Granted Constitutional Rights.

God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

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