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Career Politicians Will Destroy the USA

Clair Van Steenwyk’s comments on Candidate Burgess response to his post: I see former LD 22 Senator Burgess pays attention to posts about her  House & Senate Records, and Voters in LD 1 check her History on NPV in 2011 or 2016 with other AZ GOP Senators, Prime Signor Shooter, Prime Sponsors; Barto and Dial, Co Sponsors Sylvia Allen, Judy Burgess and Kimberly Yee now AZ State Treasurer, bill was tabled in the Senate by Sen. Biggs, support in AZ House 20+ Sponsors & 20 Votes passed the House, more Loyalty to Paid Lobbyists than Oath to US Constitution or AZ Voters they’re suppose to Serve.

Burgess gives the Excuse that Some who Support and Promote the NPV may never vote for it, this is a Poor Excuse, as it Violates her Oath of Office, just as the person who drives a robber to a bank, is also charged with a crime.

Fact Judy Burgess violated her Oath to Support, Protect and Defend the U.S. Constitution,  in Article 4 Section 4 we’re Guaranteed a Republic, the NPV would Eliminate Our Republic. Factsabout Career Politicians, voters need to examine their Records vs. Political BS as the party won’t expose them, but supports Career Politicians, as they’ve proven who they serve and it’s not US.

I’m sorry Burgess decided to Attack me personally and not Respond to the True Statements made, however Politicians when confronted with the Truth usually Attack the person Exposing them to change the Conversation that Exposes them to Voters. 

Yes, I’ve run & lost while Exposing GOP Favorites like Flake, and glad as it’s a Victory 4 Freedom, I hope more True Supporters of the U.S. Constitution Run and Win, so we’ll have Representatives who’ll Keep their Oath of Office

Link to Post with AZ Legislators who Supported or Voted 4 the NPV:

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