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President Trump: NO MORE BAIL OUTS by the U.S. Government!

  President Trump don’t be Fooled by the Socialist Politicians

Our Politicians Love spending our money and I’m certain they’ll stuff this Bail Out with Pork for their Political Allies at your and our Expense, and even though to some this seems like a good idea it’s not, and the Political Cost as they’ll blame President Trump during the Campaign for the Presidency,for any wasted monies and hopefully we all know that, but many uninformed won’t and the Socialist Democrats and their Allies will push this Issue until they push President Trump out of the White House, so think long and hard about any Bail Out you may Favor as it will I guarantee you come with Unintended Consequences for Our Republic.

The following Ideas are for Companies and Individuals the Wuhan Virus has affected, Here are some Ideas to Stop a Bail Out; We can’t afford to increase the National Debt by Bailing Out Airlines, Hotels, etc., what needs to be done is really quite simple, have all the Banks forego any payments during this crisis, and also the same for Mortgage, Credit Card and other Payments for Americans deferred for 1 or more if necessary carrying it for the additional month or so, and Utility Bills divide Utility Bills by 12 and then add that amount to each bill for the next 12 months which will give relief to the rest of us, this may sound like a simple solution, however it will work and bring some calmness to the situation we’re all experiencing, without Increasing the National Debt or Funding Special Interests & Pork Barrel Spending.

I believe this is doable because the Major Corporations and other businesses got Tax Relief saving them Billions and their stocks went up and many bought back stocks rather than reinvesting in machinery or buildings, this actually drove up their stocks and so the executives packages grew as well, let President Trump know Bailing them Out Will Add to the Burden of All Americans by increasing the Debt which in the long run will increase Interest Rates & Prices, we don’t need to saddle ourselves or future generations with more Debt to solve what by many experts is called  a Temporary Medical Issue which began in Wuhan, China not the U.S. 

The Chinese Government is Blaming the U.S. Military, just one more Communist Lie, we must ask China to pay us back our costs by returning the U.S. Bonds they bought to fund our National Debt on which they make substantial interest, after all they Lied to the World while Profiting from the Virus,and China still makes Our Drugs and Electronics.

Time to Get Out of CHINA, and Bring these Companies back Home, Guaranteeing Our Needs, or would you rather Trust China to Make Our Drugs, Phones etc?

Email me your thoughts; or call me @ 623-322-9979

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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