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USA Time To End the Fiasco in DC There’s No Evidence to Try President Trump

You can’t Exonerate without a Trial 1st and there won’t be One!

I hope anyone who watched the side show now understands the true job of the AG’s office isn’t to find someone guilty or innocent but to prosecute only if there is evidence to do so otherwise no case can be brought, and as to the term that is so loosely thrown around by Reporters and the Dems in DC of Exonerate, (To Exonerate someone is to declare him not guilty of criminal charges.) This word should only be used in reference to proceedings in a court of law, in other words a Jury or Judge are the only groups that can Exonerate and a Prosecutor can only bring someone to Trial if there’s enough Evidence to warrant it and most times won’t proceed to Trial without enough evidence to convict and the AG’s office isn’t a Judge or Jury but a Prosecutor for the People of the United States and according to the U.S. Constitution and other laws which the AG is governed by hasn’t the authority to Exonerate nor does a Special Council and Mueller knew that but the term gave the Dems a bone to chew and most in the public have no knowledge of the legalities and therefore believe there must be something where there’s nothing. I also hope everyone realized that all those they prosecuted and were found guilty of lying didn’t lie about the Trump Campaign but other issues such as Taxes , Lying while under Oath on matters outside the Conspiracy Investigation having nothing to do with the Trump campaign, however realize most pointing to those who were found guilty of lying never mentioned it had nothing to do with Trump and only wanted to once again mislead the American Public to garner support for their continued march to Socialism which I believe what this is really all about as President Trump has began to turn Our Beloved USA back toward a Republic form of government and these Socialists now serving in Government are determined to slow it down as much as they can, you see this War is with US not the President and I hope everyone will see that and fight back by Voting them all Out of Office in 2020 Elections.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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