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AZ Propositions Misleading to Say the Least!

AZ Legislators want to Retire on State Monies & Raise Our Taxes Again!

I attended a meeting on 10/02/18 at SC GOP Office to discuss the Propositions at length with John Heep LD 22 PC, Randy Miller LD 21 PC and about 2 dozen Republicans. We Discussed all 5 PROPS and found the Golden Slate being distributed by LDs  21 & 22 not in compliance with the AZ Constitution or in the Best Interests of Voters.

We’ve been told the GOP Executive Committee made these recommendations. Here’s the recommendations the majority of us agreed on with our, we don’t Benefit from our Positions, and expect office holders to disagree even though they’re Public Servants, but will Benefit by getting Voters to Believe and Pay the Price for doing so.


PROP 125 is a NO, most once retired don’t get raises from their former employers, why would those who work for us? A Yes Vote could cost Future Generations Hundreds of Millions more, and AZ’s already 40 Billion+ in Debt, with No End in Sight.

PROP 126 is a YES, this will prevent State & Local Governments from adding New Taxes on US. The GOP supposedly for Smaller Government and Less Taxation, a NO on PROP 126 will allow More Government & Higher Taxes.

We Agree Only on PROP 127 as a NO, we don’t Need Higher Utility Bills like Ca. and know the government can’t have that Power Over US.

PROP 305 is a NO, This Prop Violates the AZ Constitution by funding Private Schools, and if passed turns them into Public Schools by receiving Federal Funding,would Force them to comply with Federal Regulations like Common Core.

PROP 306 is a YES, IF Passed will Prevent Clean Elections Monies to be mixed with Private Monies, including PACS, Lobbyists, Other Campaigns Etc., and we believe  a No Vote would Violate the intent of Clean Elections misleading the Voters.

Your Votes are Yours and this is a means to inform you, hoping to keep the Process Honest and Voters Informed, and Not 4 Gain.

Proverbs 4: 26-27

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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