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Purple Senate Candidate Rep. Livingston in LD 22 Violated Protocol!

AZ Legislators Seem to Believe Rules Don’t Apply to Them

LD 22 has been using a Golden Slate to promote GOP Candidates to the Voters in LD 22 Precincts and has been successful in this endeavor in past elections. However in the 2018 August Primary it was decided not to use the Golden Ticket for the Primary so as not to confuse the Voters in the General and this was announced at the LD 22 meetings.

Each Precinct choose its’ own Candidates and got the layouts from the LD Board, they then had them printed and delivered them door to door to the Voters in their Precincts to inform the Voters for what they hoped would be the desired results.

Now enter Rep. Livingston who in spite of the announcement that this be done in other than the Gold he decided to do it in Gold, and also made Slates for Precincts other than his own and delivered them, this caused a great deal of confusion of the Voters and in the case of the Grand Precinct the PCs there were asked which one was the one they should follow.

This is just one more instance of Livingston not living up to the rules as he seems to believe LD 22 rules don’t apply to him, similar to the GOP National Platform against the National Popular Vote which he sponsored and voted for at the direction of Long Time Lobbyist CQ who pushed the Un Constitutional Bill, but no matter Livingston followed orders rather than listening to the LD and GOP Platform. 

My reason for writing this is quite simple Rep. Livingston seems to believe he has done nothing wrong by Voting 4 the National Popular Vote, and now by using what so many in LD 22 had worked on for years to gain the trust of the Voters has been diminished due to his overwhelming political ambition regardless of the damage to the process, and the total disregard for rules and no Respect for those who had delivered at their own cost Slates to their Precincts.

I realize that LD 22 won’t do anything about this as the Politically Correct Politeness that’s practiced in the GOP wouldn’t allow it, as they announced it was done, but didn’t mention his name until I asked directly who did this, and when Livingston’s name was revealed he received booing from the PCs and he wasn’t phased as just sat in the room and smiled. 

I have no misgivings about confronting anyone in the GOP who on decides to Violate the Trust of those they’re suppose to serve as well as those they should respect for the volunteering they do in the LDs.

I’ve stated for years on my Radio Shows, Events, Rallies, Forums etc. that AZ is Purple and this is just more proof of my statement over the many years I’ve been making it. I believe that AZ being Purple is a direct result of having office holders such as; McCain, Flake, McSally, and at the State Level we’ve done even worse with our past Governor who brought us Common Core and Obama / Brewercare, and we have all who voted for the National Popular Vote like Livingston, Mesnard, Boyer, Kerns, Gray, Montenegro, and so many more, this is why our Nation & State are more Purple than Red, as these office holders seem to believe they know better than Our Founders, and would change our laws to turn us into a Socialist Democracy, and if they don’t know what National Popular Vote would do then they don’t’ belong in office at any level.

I’ve exposed many in the GOP for this type of behavior and most times many in the GOP rather than remove them from office have gotten angry with me for doing so, as they claim it causes division, well President Trump seems to have no problem doing this and shouldn’t, if you’re unwilling to clean your own house then please don’t judge the condition of others.

I personally consider what these types of officials do as Evil as they’re motivated I believe by their Love / Lust for Position, Power and Recognition, and compare it to the Verse in the Bible that states the Love of Money is the Root of Evil, well just insert the Love of Position, Power, Recognition etc. is no different thereby still Evil and so as I know this won’t be a Surprise to any I’ll continue to follow my own advice and never Vote 4 the so called Better of Two Evils, knowing to do so for me at least would be a Sin and in doing so would just encourage more of the same, so if this along with others who’ve done similar things happens to pull off a win in the Primary by misleading voters then Jean & I along with many others we know won’t be casting votes for any of them, and no not voting for one isn’t giving a vote to another, anymore than not eating at one Restaurant is giving business to another one you don’t eat at as well.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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