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“AZ GOP Voter Fraud”

AZ’s Legislators Violated the AZ Constitution and Their Oaths!

The following Facts will hopefully Open the Eyes of AZ Voters in CD 8 as to the real Records vs. Rhetoric of Lesko, Lovas and Montenegro, despite the claims of being conservatives they’ve all Voted for Bills that at the very least don’t serve the Voters and some Violate the Oath taken by them to Protect and Defend the Constitution, meaning they’ve Violated their Oaths. 

In 2015, Republican Executive & Senate leadership led the Senators into blatantly violating the AZ Constitution and Statutes when they added the Biggs Floor Amendment to SB 1469—the general appropriation bill—to create and fund a pseudo-state board of education as a state agency, separate from the department of education and the state superintendent’s constitutional authority, and suspended it in unconstitutional limbo. They had tried this previously with Sen. Ward’s amending HB 2184 passed the Senate, but was killed in the House.

With the passing of SB 1469, the Senate usurped executive powers to create an agency in the Executive Department and to give that “agency” authority to hire eleven full-time employees.

SB 1469 was passed as a general appropriations bill, which cannot be used for anything but certain appropriations for specific state entities (AZ Constitution, Art. IV. Part 2.Sec.20).

Tax monies were Misappropriated by SB 1469 and taken from the Dept. of Education immediately—about four months before the SB 1469’s effective date.

[The Act violated at least Articles III, IV,V&XI of the AZ Constitution, and sections of at least Titles 15&41 of the AZ Revised Statutes.]

In 2016, the legislature passed HB2620, intending to strip remaining constitutional power from the state supt’s office. But, you can not change the nature of a constitutional entity without a constitutional amendment!

Why did Senator Lesko Vote for both of these while claiming to be a conservative? The simple answer is Senator Lesko did what Career Politicians do, they follow the orders of GOP Leadership better known as the SWAMP Managers, even when it means Violating the Oath she took to Protect & Defend the Authority Inherent in the Constitutional Office they were taking the Authority from, as well as the office she held as an AZ Senator and now seeks as a US Representative to Protect & Defend the AZ Constitution rather than follow orders. The final response to this and other votes is quite simple Career Politicians seeking to remain in office and seek higher office must go along if they expect any support in the future from the Party, and remember they all claim to be Conservatives but very seldom talk about the following the AZ or US Constitution, as that would open them up to be exposed for Violating their Oaths

GOP Platform 2016

Honest Elections and the Electoral College
We oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and any other scheme to abolish or distort the procedures of the Electoral College. An unconstitutional effort to impose National Popular Vote would be a grave threat to our federal system and a guarantee of corruption, as every ballot box in every state would offer a chance to steal the presidency. We urge state legislatures that have voted for this proposal to rescind their approval.

Honest Elections and the Right to Vote

Honest elections are the foundation of representative government. We pledge to protect the voting rights of every citizen, as well as their rights of conscience when they are harassed or denied a job because of their contributions to a candidate or a cause. We support state efforts to ensure ballot access for the elderly, the handicapped, military personnel, and all legitimate voters. We urge state and local officials to take all appropriate steps to allow voters to cast their ballots in a timely manner. We are concerned, however, that some voting procedures may be open to abuse. For this reason, we support legislation to require proof of citizenship when registering to vote and secure photo ID when voting. We strongly oppose litigation against states exercising their sovereign authority to enact such laws. In addition, to guarantee that everyone’s vote is counted, we urge that electronic voting systems have a voter-verified paper audit trail. We urge every state to join the Interstate Voter Registration Cross Check Program to keep voter rolls accurate and to prevent people from voting in more than one state in the same election. To guard against foreign involvement in our elections, we call for vigilance regarding online credit card contributions to candidates and campaigns.
The members of our Armed Forces must not be denied the basic rights that they are defending for others. Our troops, wherever stationed, must be allowed to vote in a timely manner. We call upon the entire military chain of command to ensure the voting rights of our citizen soldiers.
The Constitution gives Congress authority to conduct the decennial census “in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.” In order to preserve the principle of one person, one vote, we urge our elected representatives to ensure that citizenship, rather than mere residency, be made the basis for the apportionment of representatives among the states.

AZ Representatives Violated the GOP Platform with this VOTE!

AZ Representatives Recorded Votes On the National Popular Vote!

Will AZ GOP Citizens Vote 4 those that Voted to give the office of President to Clinton? The Democrats voted 4 this knew it meant control of the WH for the next 20+ yrs. The Question to ask the GOP House Members is Why did 20 of them Vote 4 It? This betrayed the people who Voted 4 them. Remember Past Votes / History maybe repeated on this & other issues, but don’t support or vote 4 them again. One Candidate now seeking the CD 8 House Seat Mr. Montenegro not only Voted for this Bill he was a Sponsor of it, we believe as a Direct result of his close Political Ally Lobbyist CQ, who was the Promoter of the National Popular Vote, which by the way if this was Law we’d of had Al Gore and now Hillary Clinton in the White House, can he be trusted not to do this again for a Lobbyist?
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

AZ Legislators Votes on HB2456 National Popular Vote!

House 3rd Reading Votes;:
BILL STATUS VOTES FOR HB2456 – Third Reading, GOP 20 Yes Votes & 14 No’s
Y =Yes N =No EXC =Excused V =Vacant NV =Not Voting Marked with Aqua Sponsored!
Member Name and Vote next to name, check out your Representatives Vote
J. Christopher Ackerley Y John M. Allen Y Lela Alston Y
Richard C. Andrade Y Brenda Barton N Jennifer D. Benally Y
Reginald Bolding Jr. NV Sonny Borrelli Y Russell “Rusty” Bowers N
Paul Boyer Y Kate Brophy McGee N Noel W. Campbell Y
Mark A. Cardenas N Heather Carter N Ken Clark Y
Regina Cobb Y Doug Coleman Y Diego Espinoza Y
Karen Fann N Eddie Farnsworth N Charlene R. Fernandez Y
Mark Finchem Y Randall Friese Y Rosanna Gabaldón Y
Sally Ann Gonzales NV Rick Gray Y Albert Hale Y
Anthony Kern Y Matthew A. Kopec Y Jonathan R. Larkin Y
Jay Lawrence N Vince Leach Y David Livingston Y
Phil Lovas N Stefanie Mach Y Debbie McCune Davis Y
Juan Jose Mendez Y Javan D. “J.D.” Mesnard Y Eric Meyer Y
Darin Mitchell N Steve Montenegro Y Jill Norgaard N
Justin Olson N Lisa A. Otondo Y Warren H. Petersen N
Celeste Plumlee Y Franklin M. Pratt Y Rebecca Rios Y
Tony Rivero NV Bob Robson Y Macario Saldate Y
Thomas “T.J.” Shope Y David W. Stevens Y Bob Thorpe Y
Kelly Townsend NV Michelle B. Ugenti-Rita N Ceci Velasquez Y
Jeff Weninger N Bruce Wheeler N David M. Gowan Sr. Y

House Rules Committee:
House Elections Committee:
List of Sponsors:

The bill was tabled in the Senate by then Sen. Biggs as he knew it would pass, because the following GOP Senators Sponsored the Bill: Prime Signor Shooter, Prime Sponsors; Barto and Dial, Co Sponsors Sylvia Allen, Judy Burgess and Kimberly Yee now running for the AZ StateTreasurer,plus other GOP signers total support 20 Sponsors & Votes, enough to pass and override a Veto, which is why it was tabled by Sen. Biggs or the GOP would have passed it, seems Paid Lobbyists have more Loyalty than the US Constitution they took and Oath to or AZ Voters they’re suppose to Serve. . We can’t afford for any from the House side to get into the Senate as the National Popular Vote is still a Goal of the Lobbyist and with the former Reps. being promoted to the Senate it may just tip the Scales and pass the NPV, which will change the United States of America forever into a Socialist Democracy vs. a Free Republic.

lawLink; You can’t always trust some who say they’re conservatives, Rep. Livingston Sponsored & voted for the National Popular Vote, so who does he really serve? Livingston also pushed Prop 123, does this make him a Conservatives? My answer is NO….

PROP 123 A Fraud on AZ Tax Payers Stole Funds from AZ Land Trust!
There were 400,000 Voter Pamphlets Not Mailed Out to the Voters until after the Early Ballots were Sent out and therefore the Results were at the very least Tainted or More Possibly Tilted to Bring about the Results the Governor wanted, read the following letter for AZ AG to an AZ Voter who questioned the process. 

The Results of the Election were as follows, so you can see if those 400,000 Pamphlets had been mailed in time the PROP 123 very well may have failed and remember our AZ Sec. of the Treasury J. Dewit told the Legislators,which included Sen. Lesko, Rep. Lovas and Montenegro not to do this and campaigned against it as did many of us, but once again they’re following the Orders of the AZ SWAMP Managers was more important than serving the People’s Interests. This was also a violation of a Trust and puts the AZ Land Trust at Risk of being taken over by the Federal Government as they’re one of the signors of the Trust. 

PROP 123
Yes – 50.41% (469,389)
No – 49.59% (461,740) = 7,649,
, Very Slim Margin so Pamphlets Would Have Mattered and only needed to turn around 3,826 Votes to Flip this, who paid who Off? AZ SOS should have been prosecuted by AZ AG, but then they got what they wanted and claim they balanced the Budget, which isn’t True they took Billions out to pay Debt and didn’t replace it, and don’t believe they ever will. The problem is none of our elected officials have solved the Education Problem facing our Kids, and won’t as long as they have someone else to blame, well they write the Laws and Pass the Budgets, so Remodel the Education system before it totally collapses on the Kids leaving them with no hope, but they can’t fall much farther from 47 to 50, then who’s fault will it be, oh I know, those who continue Voting for them to stay in Office.

Election Results: Arizona voters were almost evenly split on Proposition 123 in Tuesday’s special election. The measure backed by Gov. Doug Ducey would pump $3.5 billion into the state’s K-12 school system over 10 years using general fund and trust land cash.
All in all, that means backers like Ducey who hoped for a big win are left wondering where they went wrong, although the governor and the campaign manager for the Yes on Prop 123 campaign, J.P. Twist, said they were hopeful with the lead.

“How can it be a rebuke from voters if we’re winning, if voters are saying `yes’ for more money for education,” Twist said in response to a reporter’s question during a Capitol news conference. “A win is a win, if we win by one vote we win by one vote, we get more money into schools. That’s all that really matters.”

The “yes” campaign spent nearly $5 million to sway voters, much of it on television ads that blanketed the airwaves in the weeks leading up to the election. Ducey acknowledged in a state issued Wednesday that the political environment was a challenge for a voter referral boosting spending. But he said he remained hopeful the measure would pass.


COMPLAINTS FILED WITH THE COMMISSION on February 25, 2014, customers from the communities of Cross River, Dos Rios, and Coldwater Ranch delivered over 100 letters to the Commission asking the Commission to investigate their rates for water and wastewater service. Included was a letter from LD 22 State Representatives Lovas, Livingston and Senator Burges. The Legislators’ letter states that there is a great discrepancy in rates between various communities in the northwest valley. It points out that the water/wastewater rates for the EPCOR Agua Fria District are nearly $100 more per month than those for the EPCOR Sun City District and nearly $75 more than rates for several city water services. The letter asks the Commission to review the water/wastewater rates for this area. The letter also states that the communities of Cross River, Dos Rios, and Corte Bella are geographically distant and physically unconnected to the Agua Fria Water District and that they use the NW Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility even though they are paying for the White Tank Facility. The letter ends with a series of questions which it requests the Commission to investigate. What were LD 22 Legislators Thinking of? This helped bring about higher Rates 4 SC & SCW. September 2017.)
It appears the LD 22 Legislators weren’t serving SCW but other outside interests and when asked to make a public statement they refused to do so.
P. Lee, Mgr. of The GOP Office In Sun City condensed the final vote on the EPCOR Waste Water consolidation taken on June 13 /2017 AZ Corp. Commission meeting. RINO GOP Commissioners Tobin, Little, Forese and Dem Dunn voted yes or Against US; GOP R. Burns voted No for US. Full consolidation of the five water districts will occur over the next five years, the Increased Costs will be to SCW & SC Residents Only. Meeting was 5 hrs. & 40 min. of consolidation discussion:
1. 16 of 22 parties involved in the 5 Waste Water District (consisting of 7 waste water systems) entered into an agreement to support full consolidation.
2. RUCO – Residential Utility Consumer Office, and the Sun City HOA, and PORA didn’t sign the agreement.
3. Judge Sarah H wrote a 231 page opinion recommending full consolidation. Not 1 Commissioner challenged findings.
4. LD 21 Sen. D Lesko, LD21 Rep. K Payne, Youngtown Mayor M Levault, land surveyor Helmut P, Fred Botha opposed the consolidation.
5. LD 22 Newly Appointed Rep. Ben Toma spoke, But Didn’t Stand with the Voters in SC or SCW on the waste water proposal).
6. SCHOA Governmental Liaison Greg Eisert, sat through the entire proceedings.
7. Mike McKay, Cynthia Swick, Rebecca Blue, Robert (?), Daniel L., Jeff W., Diane S., Roger W., Fran N., Doug Edwards, AIC and others spoke in favor of full consolidation as soon as possible.
8. Craig Patterson placed comments in the record – “Reviewing pages 200-215 in the law judge’s findings – 73% of the comments were opposing consolidation – It is a 76% rate increase for Sun City residents – Sun City residents will provide $22M in subsidies over 5 years – over 10 years Sun City residents will provide $51M in subsidies and over 20 years the subsidy figure is $136M. Consolidation is not in the public interest of the Sun Cities Residents.
9. The Commissioners spent about 90 minutes discussing various aspects of the negotiated settlement agreement, voting to make 3 or 4 changes. (Note: EPCOR will submit their 2016 taxes to the IRS in September 2017.)
AZ LD Senator Burgess, and Rep. Livingston and Lovus submitted a document asking the AZCC to look into why SC & SCW rates were lower, rather than fight the EPCOR Co. they represented them more than the Voters they’re suppose to Represent.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Paid for by Friends to Elect Clair VAN Steenwyk to US House in CD 8

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