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My comments are meant to show just how the GOP & Career Politicians use the system to plant the names of only those who’ve passed their test of loyalty to the GOP SWAMP MANAGERS, then promoting them as though they are the only ones running, to hopefully assure victory for one of their own and continue Managing the SWAMP.

I read the Arizona Republic today and found an article by Hansen & Sanchez about Rep. Franks resignation giving mention to 6 possible Candidates all of whom are in office or have been. 

Later in the evening I received two calls one Poll was a Robo style and other a Grassroots group doing a Poll mentioning the same 6 asking me if I’d support them.

I questioned the Grassroots Pollster asking why Clair Van Steenwyk who’d challenged Rep. Franks in the 2016 Primary, and received approximately 30% of the Vote wasn’t in the Poll? The Pollster responded oh I’ve heard of him, is he running?

I said yes he’s running and was getting petitions signed to qualify for the Feb. Primary Ballot. He asked are you certain, I responded I’m Clair Van Steenwyk, he just sort of gasped and said you are, to which I said yes, and explained that I’d only spent $3,500 getting the 30%, and he was shocked I’d gotten 30% with so little funds. 

While we were speaking he told I believe his Supervisor that I was on the line, and asking why I wasn’t in the Poll, his Supervisor mumbled we’re not including him, then mumbled something I couldn’t make out.

My position on this is the same as it’s always been the Politically Elite Class in AZ don’t want anyone’s name mentioned to the Voting Public in Papers, Polls etc., except those already proven to follow instructions.
This system is the Definition of FAKE NEWS, REPORTING, POLLING to bring about the Will of the GOP Politically Connected in AZ and the Country. 

I realize that those mentioned have Political Baggage from their Votes on SB 1469, HB 2184, National Popular Vote, Putting PROP 123 on the Ballot and so much more, while all Claim to be conservatives, which can’t be true when you understand what the bills they voted for did, and by protecting the Political Class the People Suffer. 

I’ve seen this happening over the yrs. in AZ in many others races as well, and spoken out on Radio, TV, Blogs, Rallies, LD & GOP Meetings etc., however nothings changed.

I don’t believe anything will change as those who run the System and Candidates (Career Politicians) who benefit have already sold their souls, treating Voters like children who shouldn’t have real choices.

I hope some reading this recognize it and begin the Long Battle Needed to Change It, or there’s no Hope for this Nation or State as the FAKE GOP POLLSTERS & REPORTING bring about the Desired result is allowed and supported by all involved in it from the TOP to the BOTTOM of this SEPTIC TANK. 

I have never sought a Career in Politics, I’ve run because I believe in the True Cause for Freedom and know with the System as it stands we’ll Never Again Attain It.

We’ve begun our Campaign in the Race for the Open House Seat in CD 8, we’re working toward the Goal of attaining the Required Number of Signatures needed to Qualify for the Ballot in the Special Election in Feb. 27,2018, with the limited amount of time to do so, and hope to be successful. 

The One Exception to this has been Frosty Tayor’s Maricopa County Republican Briefs, where she mentions my running against Rep. Franks and thank her for the honesty. 

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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