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AZ US Senate Race Open Season!

AZ Pay Attention to Words As They Do Matter!

Van’s Two Cents turned into a Nickel: Will State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, Former Sheriff Arpaio, US Reps Gosar, McSally, Franks, Schweikert, Former US Rep Shadegg or Salmone, Former AZGOP Chairman Graham, Former AZ Treasurer Dean Martin or someone less known decide to run for the 4 US Senate?
The voters need a criteria before supporting any of the unannounced or announced Candidates, such as their voting records, support of Sen. McCain or Flake, Voted to Raise the Debt Ceiling, support of President Trumps Agenda and go from there.

I believe we need real information not Attack Ads and statements made with no proof to support them. I Challenge any running, if you say someone has a bad record then post a link to prove it, or for me you’re just more POLITICAL FAKE NEWS meant to Mislead Voters for your benefit, this can’t be tolerated as more Politics as Usual. 

There’s enough information on those named to post on there records and anyone can use Google on the Issue and ask the right question and you’ll know if they did what they’re accused of, or you’re being lied to.

For as most reading the Briefs know who did what, however most Voters don’t know and if we really want America Restored then we all have a Duty to be certain those we Support aren’t just more of the Same Old Politics of the Past. 

We don’t need or want Sinema to be our next US Senator, so please Candidates keep in mind what you say matters, and especially to the Uninformed AZ Voters which makes up a far greater % than most want to admit, so keep it Factual and we’ll all Win, we’re watching you so do the Right Thing.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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