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Should Sen. McCain Pick his Replacement? NO!

 Some of my thoughts & a remedy on Sen. McCain naming his own replacement:  It’s  just like Sen. McCain to continue control of AZ Politics for the next few decades, this Old Bait & Switch with Grant Woods is Classic McCain, this can’t and shouldn’t be allowed by AZ Citizens. . Choosing your successor and then at election time putting your money & GOP Machine behind the person you really want to have your large Black Book on all the Politicians — for continued control of them, for as we all know it’s not his pleasing personality that they line up in lock step behind.

AZ Vacancies Filled by Gubernatorial Appointment

Presently, 36 States including AZ — fill a US Senate Vacancy at their next regularly-scheduled general election, AZ’s being in 2018.

In those 36 States, the Governor makes an appointment to fill a U.S. Senate vacancy, and the appointee serves until the next regularly-scheduled, statewide general election.  The person elected at that next election serves for the remainder of the unexpired term, if any.  If the term was set to expire at that general election, the person elected serves a full six-year term.

Here’s a real solution which would fit into the Appointment Process taking the Pressure off the Gov. Ducey, who’s also up for Re Election in 2018 and don’t believe Ducey needs to Anger Voters by following Sen. McCain’s Choice by leaving the Voters out of the process, as AZ’s Gov. Doug Ducey would love the job but  won’t appoint himself to it, angering Sen. McCain by not following his direction.

I suggest putting all those who’ve been on the ballot in the last three election cycles in at least Two Statewide Televised Candidate Forums / Debates and then let the Voters pick having the top in a Legitimate Election Polls & Mail in Vote well Monitored; the People would then exercise their Right to decide whom they want to serve out Sen. McCain’s term, which would mean putting JD Hayworth, J. Deakin, W. Cardon, B. Hackbarth, K. Ward, A. Meluskey, and  myself, this would also take the control to some degree away from the Political Machines by following Sen. McCain’s Choice by leaving the Voters out of the process, Angering Voters which may cost Ducey in 2018 elections as well.

I believe this to be the honest approach to fill out Sen. McCain’s term. This may also get Jeff DeWit to announce and begin his campaign to run against Sen. Flake  – who many want to see replaced.  If the usual method is used then  the GOP Elites make the peoples decision and not us.

The AZ Senate & House Seats belong to the People of the State of AZ and not those who happen to occupy them. For an office holder to think they have some special right to name their successor is totally unacceptable; after all elections determine who holds the office not the office holder ordaining their replacement.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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