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GOP Wins Vote on “Skinny Repeal”, But Loses WH Jobs!

 I believe the time has come to face up to the Facts about the GOP in DC aren’t the same GOP when campaigning, and have finally shown the entire Nation their True Color which is Purple, they fit theMold of Swamp Managers.  AZ’s Sen.McCain has always been for Big Government and his joining the other two  RINO Senators, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who were the chosen Three to stop the Repeal of Obamacare which gave Political Cover to all the other GOP Senators who couldn’t afford to Vote against it with the Primary Election Season less than 1 year away so Two who are in Safe States an McCain who’ll never run again became the Scape Goats for the other GOP Senators.

I hope this Truly Political Theater doesn’t escape all those who’ve supported many of these Senatorsin the past like Sen. Flake, Hatch, McConnell and so many more just because they say they’re Republicans, and that in the states having Primaries  to Re Elect GOP Candidates many of whom are RINO’s themselves will find Qualified, Dedicated, Honest Supporters of the US Constitution andUphold the Oath they’ll take to run against all of these Incumvents in the 2018 Primary Season, or you may as well Kiss a Final Good Bye to the Small amount of the Republic we have left that our Founders gave all of us, DC was a Swamp and has now Sunk to a New Low of becoming nothing more than a Septic Tank in dire need of a DRAINING.

We must all Read the US Constitution and realize that Education, Healthcare, Housing, Commerce, Interior and all the other Depts. except for Defense, Treasury, State and Attorney General are States Rights and the Federal Government must remain out to those areas and the States must exercise those Rights and Stop taking Federal Welfare Funds which is Enslaving All of US.

We can be thankful of a couple of things both Spicer & Priebus are now out of the White House & hopefully those who replace them will be Loyal to the President & the Citizens of these United States and not the GOP Elite RINO’s in DC and elsewhere.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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