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US Senate Clair Van Steenwyk TV Interview

We Had A Choice for US Senate!

We’ve had our first Statewide Interview on PPS with Lorraine Rivera Host of Arizona Week which airs Friday nights in Southern Arizona on PBS 6 at 8:30 and in Phoenix on KAET Eight World at 7:30. The show also airs Sunday morning on PBS 6 at 11 a.m. I hope you’ll all take the Time Friday Evening Aug. 12th and Again on Sunday Morning Aug. 14th to View the Programs both in Tucson and Phoenix as well as statewide both on PBS. Take a look and even view later on the Net but we do hope you’ll tune in and pass it on as well, check their websites for programming and remember scheduled for both Friday Evening & Sunday Sunday Morning Shows.  Unfortunately we lost in the Primary, however we did the best we could with the Funds available and know we also reached voters with a message of Change & Hope.  Click To View Interview.

We unfortunately lost the Primary so 6 more years of McCain, however Trump won and now looking forward to President Trump keeping His Promises

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk / US Senate Candidate

Clair’s available to speak / meet with groups or private citizens upon request; use contact button above, call 623-322-9979, or email:

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