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RNC’s 12-Step Program is EVIL

The Better of Two Evils Loyalty to GOP Over Country / Vote for Jack Ass In Elephant Suit.

Think very carefully about what you’re reading and hopefully you’ll realize this is the Doctrine of the GOP Establishment and they use the Better of Two Evils Theology to remain in Power as they along with the Democrat Establishment continue to Lead America into a Socialist State.  The End Result of Winning at any Cost will cost you what you believe in; God, Bible, US Constitution, Family Values matters little as Winning is the only thing that matters.  They require Loyalty to the Party and the Candidates they sponsor, End result is usually they ask you to Vote for a Jack Ass in an Elephant Suit such as Sen. McCain, Flake, Rep. Schweikert, Salmon / Biggs, Franks, McSally to represent us when they vote for Bad Trade Deals, Debt Ceiling Raises, CRs, Budgets Funding Planned Parenthood, CISPA, NSA Funding, Indefinite Detention of America Citizens which violate their 4th Amendment Rights, all of this doesn’t matter as long as they stay in Power as they continue to Turn US into SLAVES which the Increasing Debt and Exporting Jobs while Importing both Illegal and Legal Aliens to take away not only our jobs but also the jobs of Our Children.

If  my opponents do as stated at the Prescott Women’s GOP Group by Ward & Meluskey they’ll vote for McCain when they lost  the primary then you and they belong in the group that is boiling the American Citizen in the water as the frog and won’t wake up until you and your children are ready to serve on a platter. I won’t agree to vote for McCain and didn’t, also didn’t vote for Flake in 12, as stated I don’t vote for any Jack Asses dressed in Elephant Suits, for me the acceptance of Better of Two Evils is Evil in and of itself and has led US to the State the Nation is now in, this Theology is Evil and must not be accepted by Liberty Minded Americans.

Check Out Red Skeleton Explain the Meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance and see where your loyalties lie. Check Link 

This applies to the DNC, too.

Step 1. We admit we are powerless over our addiction to winning at all costs. We are powerless over changing the rules to suit our personal whims. We are addicted to winning through controlling the voters and the votes. We are committed to misleading our followers. We can’t help it.

Step 2. We have come to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore our sanity. Big banks. Wall Street. Big Pharma. Huge donors. Uninformed puppet voters.

Step 3. We have made the decision to turn our will and our lives over to the god of selfishness, the god of unadulterated power, the god of billionaires that fund our decisions and drive our will. We deserve it because we are US.

Step 4. We will make a searching and fearless inventory of ourselves. Yes, our inventory makes us proud: unlimited money to our campaigns, State chairmen who recognize our desires and follow us with great expectations, beautiful fundraising cocktail parties at $30,000 per person; memberships in all the very best clubs, our loyalty to our benefactors.

Step 5. We admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. We had a chat with God and are sure He understands that we are just mortals who are used to the nicest of things, breaking the rules, changing rules to suit us, disdaining the party faithful and spinning the truth into a shiny web of deceit. Our humans are in concert with us. We know that because they vote for our chosen. All is right in our world. We will repent later, if necessary.

Step 6: We are entirely ready for God to remove all these defects of character. Just not now.Step 

7. We humbly ask God to remove our shortcomings. As soon as we can identify what those are because, really, we are pretty wonderful just as we are. See our power? See our money? See our consultants? See our important friends? See our expense accounts!

Step 8. We will make a list of all people we have harmed and become willing to make amends to them. We have always held true to the Constitution and to our party platform, of course. We have always held to Representative government and fair elections. We probably harmed a few democrats, but they aren’t really people that matter. And we’ve seen a lot of voters wince, but only a few…. million! They are so, you know, middle class. We may have stepped on those supplicants but we really had to because what if they woke up? What if they got power? We are sorry about that but they are the harmful ones.  They owe us.

Step 9. We will make direct amends to such people when possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. Done. We have to protect greedy voters from themselves to keep them from being harmed by their bad decisions. We have to pretend they have some control. It’s their own fault, isn’t it? Is it our fault we have to rely on billionaires with their own agendas to keep these people from voting wrong?

Step 10. We continue to take personal inventory and even add to our inventory whenever we can. We would admit when we are wrong but being wrong is subjective. We always do what we think is right for US, the important ones. Pretty great inventory when we put it in perspective.

Step 11. We didn’t exactly use prayer to improve our contact with more powerful people. They come to us, so we’re good.

Step 12. We had a spiritual awakening as a result these steps. We will carry this message far and wide and coerce every republican voter. We will tell them that they are meaningless and we are the ONES. It’s our duty to do this for them for they cannot think for themselves.

If you agree with the GOP 12 Step Program vs. Red Skeletons’ Explanation of the Pledge, View Link:, this view will continue to lead Our Nation toward the Slippery Slope of Socialism. 

  • In Closing: Election Cycles are Critical Our Nation, whether we sink deep into a Socialistic Nation or Restore Ourselves to a True Republic form of Government. The choices are clear, we must never support anyone that votes against or compromises the US Constitution and Our Freedoms and believe that’s what most of us believe in and hope for, and the GOP Elite Power Brokers are Afraid of: ( Time to Drain All Political Swamps)… 

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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