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My positions on Our Military Benefits

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No More Undeclared Wars or Nation Building, proven failed policies resulting in costs to our children.

We need legislation that moves the VA into the Defense Department will also save the tax payer billions in wasted funds and fraud at the Federal Level, resulting in better care for Our Vets, as then will be directly managed by the Military and hopefully staffed at the VAs by Vets.

We as a Nation have a Duty to provide their medical / mental heath needs for for life, only requirement is they served. They'll go to a VA or Pvt. Facility by simply using the Card that's accepted by all and the Vet decides where to go with no waiting periods. The Medical Facility having full access to their Medical and Military History enabling them to truly evaluate and determine amount of disability to treat their needs with no bureaucrat counter.

The Veterans Hospital system will be put on a 3 yr. plan to be completely restored to serve the Veterans as promised, if not attained those facilities with the Administration will be disposed of or turned over to the Private Sector to Manage. We owe all who've served us, doing less for them isn't in Keeping with Our Sacred Trust.

We must set a pay standards to insure those serving Our Nation never need any form of Welfare, for those serving us, as it's disgraceful and all Americans should be ashamed of this situation and treatment to those who serve. (While those Holding Office Live So Far Above Most Americans U Know the Swamp Managers).

The Health Care Known as Tricare Must be Protected* some Senators believe we need to increase the cost to Veterans with higher deductibles and co pays for health and pharmacy as well, (Sounds Like Obamacare). Here's one of their reasons:

The cost of the military's health care system almost tripled to $52 billion in 2012 from $19 billion in 2001.
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates in 2009 famously warned Congress that "health care is eating the department alive."

The reason for the increase costs are obvious to most, Wars in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, which left many Vets wounded and in need of care once home. We recruited them and We the People of the United States are Grateful for their service, no increases to our Vets, in fact they shouldn't be required to pay for something they've already given so much for.

The problem is the inflated costs of the Military Industrial Complex, which Presidents Truman and Eisenhower warned us about when leaving office (Check Video on military industrial complex 7 minutes in)Check this video also for an explanation of what has taken place, lets fix the problems cut unneeded weapon programs and waste by listening to those who use the systems not those who benefit financially from them.

The military industrial complex Ike and Truman spoke of isn't just manufacturers, but a culture within the government that's developed in both houses, lobbyists, bureaucrats, clean house and we'll be able to care for our Vets.

Cut their Salaries and Perks, Fire those who aren't competent to fix this, as we've said previously;
Warning Don't Mess with Our Vets

Immediate Vouchers System or Medicare Cards; Set up a system giving our Vets immediate access to outside Doctors and Medical Facilities, no waiting for approval from anyone. They now have a 30 day or longer waiting period to get a voucher which has worsened in the last few months, as those in charge have proven to be incompetent, this wait adds to the cost and worsening conditions, resulting in deaths and suicides.

We know over past years the VA's budget has increased over 35%, the problem is those in charge at the VA and Congress with over site are interested in media sound bites and hearings rather than solving real problems. The real problem is under staffing of Doctors, Nurses and other Medical Staff needed to care for those using the facilities, it's time for a change so we deliver to those who delivered so Faithfully to US.

We must deal with the Homeless Vets many of which have PTSD, this has led to alcohol and drug dependency and must be addressed as a critical issue and not just a medical condition, as this is directly related cause of 22 suicides daily in the Veteran Community and must be addressed Immediately.

Set up a system for the Education of Our Vets Children and those now serving, putting them in line for any Grants, Scholarships Etc. to Students who qualify Scholastically to any School of Higher Education or Technical Trade School of their choice in the Country.

This especially benefits our Vets who’ve sustained injuries while serving US, affecting their ability to afford this opportunity for their children. I’ve spoken and met with Veterans Groups and Forums around the state and this idea has been received quite well.

In Closing I believe Election Cycles are Critical for Our Nation & States as to whether we sink deeper into a Socialistic Nation or Restore Ourselves to a True Republic form of Government. The choice is clear, never support those voting against or compromising the US Constitution and Our Freedoms, I believe that’s what most of you are hoping for and theElite Power Brokers are afraid of: Time to Drain the Political Swamps.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Originally posted by Clair on 8/26/2012 Updated 7/17/2015

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